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In flight communication tool for airline use

With current technology, there still have no golden solution to create realistic communication solution within the aircraft which work for actual operating airline. Even there is a solution, many are two expensive for actual airline to invest.

Salon Films is proud to announce that we have a solution works for all different size of airline to have actual realistic and affordable communication tool for cabin attendant.

We are currently under developing and plan to offer by end of 2020.

567A4655 777-200.JPG
Coming soon
2022 Autumn

Voice communication

CabinCom is an iOS smartphone app dedicated to cabin crew for onboard use. The app will record and send out a voice message within the aircraft to create a near-real-time voice communication.

CabinCom works with most Bluetooth headsets in the market that you can easily buy and replace. A single push of the call button on the headset will activate the app and record your message through the headset microphone.


The app allows you to set the recording duration. Once the the recording is complete, it will automatically forward to other
devices where the crew can hear through their headset.

No additional hardware.

CabinCom works without Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.
CabinCom is powered with the Latest Ditto synchronization technology.
It will utilize device Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to create a mesh network and connect all crew onboard.
Without any onboard Wi-Fi hardware restriction, the crew can use the same device with the same procedure on all fleets.
This is also an advantage for airlines where there is no need to install expensive Wi-FI hardware to create connectivity onboard.

The device will sense other nearest devices and connect with the best options available. If the device is cut off from another, it will try to reconnect automatically, and once it is back, any un-delivered message will update automatically.

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