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Shooting equipment sales and support

The equipment Salon Films Japan offer are all managed by Salon Films Hong Kong as General agency, or agency and all product are agreed with manufacture to be offer in Japan market. Also, all product we offer are compile with Japanese law including technical standards conformity certification to ensure compliancy for corporate use.

We also support on behalf of manufacture for any technical issue. We operate under manufacture instruction and will forward any severe issue to manufacture.


Z CAM is a professional camera dedicated for cinema use. High-quality lineup from 4K through 8K in extremely low cost.


Nitze offers high quality and high cost performance cages for small cameras such as Z CAM, Blackmagic Design and SONY α.

2011年に設立されたZhangzhou SEETEC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.は、放送・映画、タッチスクリーン液晶モニターなどを提供する国家高新技術企業。SEETEC、FEELWORLD、LAIZESKEの3つの主要ブランドを展開し、100カ国以上で活動。ライブ放送事業も展開し、カスタマイズされたソリューションを提供。

Pick UP

For corporate user who need quotation and invoice and payment through bank transfer, please contact through e-mail address below.

You can also buy it here


Our partners/resellers can help and assist you to find best solutions, generate quotes, and place orders


Notes on purchasing

*Product will be arranged after payment is confirmed.

*We will inform you of the expected or prospect delivery date or situation within 5 business days after payment.

​ In normal cases, we will ship within 1 week when we or the manufacturer have stoke in house.  

*If the product cannot be delivered within 60 days after payment, you are eligible for the full refunded through bank transfer. (Transfer fees at the time of payment are not included in the refund)

*Please note that we cannot compensate for any lost profits due to delays in delivery of products, missing items, cancellation due to late delivery, etc.

*The image is a global model specification. Labels and detailed specifications may be different from the items actually delivered.


Delivery company: Sagawa Express or OCS

*You can not specify the delivery company.

​*Some of the remote aria such as islands may not be able to deliver. If the delivery company cannot accept the delivery, we may contact you and cancel the your order.

​* Delivery is free of charge for items for which delivery charges are not stated.

* We will inform you of the estimated delivery date once the shipment is confirmed.


Bank transfer

If payment cannot be confirmed within one week, it will be canceled.

​(Credit card payment will start soon.)

We check all merchandise before shipping very carefully. However, if there is any initial failure or damage, please let us know within 7 days after the item arrives.


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