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Shooting consulting in Hong Kong and China

With the head office in Hong Kong, Salon Films provide professional service not just only equipment but also from the beginning of the production project as consulting through actual shooting and post-production. We own warehouse in Hong Kong (SAR), Guangzhou and Beijing where we stock our camera, lens, lighting equipment. With our network, we can easily transfer equipment according to needs in any region and still provide quality service in low cost in large and long run projects.

We also have facility and engineer train in manufacture to maintain and repair our camera, lens and lighting equipment to maintain in top quality.


Branch (With equipment warehouse): Hong Kong (SAR), Guangzhou, Beijing, Macao

Office: Tokyo, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore


We also provide not just only local coordination but also total production service. We can help partially or the entire shooting project in Hong Kong (SAR) and China.

Pre-production Service

*Creative Idea and Script Consulting

* Project Fund Raising  

*Location Scout and Casting Services

* Local shooting service support & coordination (Application on Permit / License and Insurance) 

* Mainland Shooting Service

* Camera and Lighting Equipment Support ( One of the biggest equipment rental house in town, provide  various camera choices for different type of shooting, e.g. Panavision /Arri/ Red / Zcam… )

Production Service

*Professional Filming Crew support

 - Producer /production manager/ production Assistant / Production Executive

 - Director Team (1&2AD and continuity)

 - Cinematographer and camera team / Gaffer and grip

 - Location Sound recording and sound designer

 - Production Designer / props and set making /Make-up

 - On location transportation & logistic arrangement

* Event Live Coverage (Multi-Cam panel production)

* Social Media Live Broadcasting (Facebook / YouTube)


Post-Production Service

*Offline and Online editing

* 2D & 3D Animation and Visual Effect

* Color Grading (up to 8K video)

* Booth recording (voice over and dubbing service)

* Audio mixing and sound design

   Customized Video production project

* Large Outdoor Screen video in customized resolution
* 360 panorama video

* Time-lapse for construction site (remote online preview progress)

* Drone shooting

We had also participated in lots of corporate TVCF and Government TVCF competitions. Please let us hear from you if you have any question that we can help at any point.


Or please feel free to send e-mail directly to 

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